War or Peace?

Biggest Threat to World Peace: The United States, Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams, December 31, 2013

Why War Isn’t Inevitable: A Science Writer Studies the Secret to Peaceful Societies by Brad Jacobson, AlterNet, March 18, 2012…bio­log­i­cally speak­ing, we are just as likely to be peace­ful as we are to be vio­lent…dis­pelled mul­ti­ple myths about the impe­tus for war [that] sus­tains the insti­tu­tion of war despite ratio­nal thought and an over­whelm­ing human aver­sion to killing…charts a new course for reject­ing the old par­a­digm of war’s inevitabil­ity and finally releas­ing mankind from its destruc­tive grip….this view that war is really ancient and innate has become dom­i­nant in sci­ence…you’ve got this really dra­matic, con­se­quen­tial claim about human nature and about war, this great scourge of human­ityWar really should be seen as a meme, as a self-perpetuating idea or behav­ior that becomes very per­sis­tent and deep-rooted once it emerges in a given region… 

We’re Number 88! US Ranked Low on Global Peace Index — Common Dreams staff, Com­mon Dreams, June 13, 2012 -The just released 2012 Global Peace Index (GPI) from the Insti­tute for Eco­nom­ics and Peace shows that the world has become slightly more peace­ful over the last two years, with Ice­land rank­ing as the most peace­ful coun­try and Soma­lia rank­ing as the least peace­ful place. The U.S. ranks 88 of 158.

5 Ways to Achieve World Peace and Prosperity — 2048: Humanity’s Agreement to Live Together  …One of the most pernicious myths is that peace and prosperity are hopelessly complicated and unattainable…This is untrue. Peace and prosperity can be attained through the realization of five basic fundamental freedoms, for all people, everywhere in the world. They are: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom for the environment, and freedom from fear…The problem is those who are presently profiting…have an interest in maintaining the status quo. It is time for the human rights community to have the strength and daring to band together so that we have the clout to stand up to this narrow-minded view…Awareness can be created with … only 1% of humanity to share the news…This 1% of humanity already exists…now the Internet and 2048 are bringing all these communities together…

Iraq War excerpts updated 3–30–13

Tony Blair [and George Bush] should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

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