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Why Is the Conservative Brain More Fearful? The Alternate Reality Right-Wingers Inhabit Is Terrifying By Joshua Holland, AlterNet, May 2, 2012 ….new research suggests [that] conservatism is largely a defensive ideology…those cognitive biases are only part of the story of how a political movement in the wealthiest, most secure nation in the world have come to view their surroundings with such dread. The other half of the equation is a conservative media establishment that feeds members of the movement an almost endless stream of truly terrifying scenarios….Perhaps the most frightening part of all of this for the true believers is that even though these things aren’t just fringe ideas circulating in forwarded emails – they’re discussed by influential politicians and on leading cable news outlets – the bulk of the media and most elected officials refuse to investigate what’s happening to this country. That one ideological camp is so consumed with fear also has a lot to do with why conservatives and liberals share so little common ground. Progressives tend to greet these narratives with facts and reason…:

The Surprising Brain Differences Between Democrats and Republicans By Chris Mooney, Mother Jones,  February 15, 2013 author of 2012 book The Republican Brain. Two new studies further support the theory that our political decision making could have a neurological basis.…What they found is that people who have more fearful disposition also tend to be more politically conservative… the current research suggests not only that having a particular brain influences your political views, but also that having a particular political view influences and changes your brain…Simply by living our lives, we change our brains. Our political affiliations, and the lifestyles that go along with them, probably condition many such changes…full text  

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