About the Iraq tragedy – commentary and information

Updated 3/30/13

The Neo­con­ser­v­a­tives

The Project for the New Amer­i­can Cen­tury By William Rivers Pitt, Infor­ma­tion Clear­ing House 02/25/03

The Project for a New American Empire, by Duane Shank, Sojourners Magazine, September-October 2003 (Vol. 32, No. 5, pp. 27-30).

Prince of Dark­ness Denies Own Exis­tence by Dana Mil­bank, Wash­ing­ton Post, Feb­ru­ary 20, 2009

Con­text  HistoryCommons.org

It’s About A Lot More Than A “God­damned Piece of Paper” by Steve Wat­son,  Capi­tol Hill Blue, Decem­ber 12 2005

Costs of war

War Is a Force That Pays the 1 Per­cent: Occu­py­ing Amer­i­can For­eign Pol­icy by: J.A. Myer­son, Truthout | News Analy­sis, Novem­ber 14, 2011

Iraq War Cost U.S. More Than $2 Tril­lion, Could Grow to $6 Tril­lion, Says Wat­son Insti­tute Study By Daniel Trotta, Reuters 3/14/13 on

Amer­i­can Mil­i­tarism: Costs and Con­se­quences By Melvin Good­man, City Lights Books | Book Excerpt, Truth-out.org, 05 March 2013

Look­ing back

Ten Years After – Editorial, New York Times

Democ­rats Share the Blame for Tragedy of Iraq War, 17 March 2013 06:59 By Stephen Zunes, Truthout | Op-Ed 

10 Years After Iraq Inva­sion: Con­tin­ued Myths, Hun­dreds of Thou­sands Killed by Andrea Ger­manos, staff writer, Com­mon Dreams, March 18, 2013

10 Years After the Invasion: America Destroyed Iraq But Our War Crimes Remain Unacknowledged and Unpunished

Ten Years Later, Eyes Still Wide Shut on the Iraq War by Ray McGov­ern, Con­sor­tium News,  Feb­ru­ary 25, 2013

How the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion Sold the War – and We Bought It by Joe Wil­son and Valerie Plame Wil­son, The Guardian, Feb­ru­ary 28, 2013

The Worst Mis­take in U.S. His­tory — Amer­ica Will Never Recover from Bush’s Great For­eign Pol­icy Dis­as­ter By Peter Van Buren, Tom Dis­patch , March 7, 2013

10 Years Later: Look­ing Back on the Iraq War So We Can Clearly Look For­ward by Ari­anna Huff­in­g­ton, Huff­in­g­ton Post, 03/06/2013

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu by The Observer,   Sep­tem­ber 1, 2012   — Arch­bishop Desmond Tutu has called for Tony Blair and George Bush to be hauled before the inter­na­tional crim­i­nal court in The Hague and deliv­ered a damn­ing cri­tique of the phys­i­cal and moral dev­as­ta­tion caused by the Iraq war.

The Siren Song Of War: Why Pundits Beat The Drums For Iraq by Kath­leen Geier, nationalmemo.com, March 22, 2013 

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