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Real Christianity vs. Whatever The Heck It Is Conservatives Actually Follow By Allen Clifton, forwardprogressives.com, August 31, 2014

Why Right-Wing Christians Believe GOP Lies By Frank Schaeffer, AlterNet, November 5, 2014    Since the economy has rebounded and healthcare reform has worked, all that remained for the GOP was to lie. And since the base of the GOP is white aging southern evangelicals, the GOP was in luck. These are easy folks to lie to. That’s because they already accept an alternative version of reality. Also, of course, since the lies are about a black man, that doesn’t hurt. Yes, race is still an issue.

A Threat to Us All: Millions Buying into Apocalyptic Religion Pose a Direct Threat to Modern Society By Jeffrey Tayler,  Salon, January 4, 2015 Rationalistsare assertively making their case because religion, since the Reagan years, has been abandoning the realm of private conscience (where it has every right to be) and intruding itself into national life, with politicians and public figures flaunting their belief, advocating and (passing) legislation that restricts women’s reproductive rights, attempting to impose preposterous fairy tales (think intelligent design) on defenseless children in science classes, and even, in the case of Texas, recasting the Constitution in school textbooks as a document inspired by the Bible.  Abroad, militants pursuing Islamist agendas have been raining death and destruction on entire populations, with religious extremism the main cause of terrorism the world over.  Given the possibility that terrorists may acquire weapons of mass destruction and nuclear states with faith-based conflicts may let fly their missiles, religion may be said to endanger humanity as a wholeNo one who cares about our future can quietly abide the continuing propagation and influence of apocalyptic fables that large numbers of people take seriously and not raise a loud, persistent, even strident cry of alarm… three-fourths of Americans believe the Bible to be the word of God – numbers that, to the shame of the Republic, find reflection in our resolutely anti-science Congress…

Dominionism and The Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete by Kyle Mantyla on Tuesday, 7/6/2010

The Shocking ‘Christian’ Hate Mail Activists Received for Challenging Religious Indoctrination in the Military,

Tony Perkins: 2015 ‘Most Dangerous Year’ For American Christians

Obama Condemns ‘Distorted’ Faith at National Prayer Breakfast

Evangelical Political Operative Reveals Plan to Fundamentally Transform America — and It Involves 1,000 Pastors

The Real Origins of the Religious Right

Mike Huckabee’s Christian Sharia Law

The Real Origins of the Religious Right By RANDALL BALMER, Politico.com, May 27, 2014    They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation. Posted on Facebook by the Christian Left, 12-9-14 with commentary: We’ve been aware of this for some time but we were recently reminded of it. The “Christian” Right was originally brewed up to defend racism parading as “Religious Freedom.” When the founders realized they couldn’t flaunt racism in the open they threw up abortion instead. They would use whatever issue was handy, and they had tried most of them before. Abortion was their golden egg and they ran with it.

Why Millions of Christian Evangelicals Oppose Obamacare and Civil Rights By Daniel Silliman, Religion Dispatches, December 8, 2014 

‘Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”  Barry Goldwater, November 1994, as quoted in John Dean, Conservatives Without Conscience (2006), www.patheos.com

5 Theocrats in Congress Who Care More About the Bible Than the Constitution By Dan Arel, AlterNet, April 7, 2014

Why the Christian Right Believes It Has Once-in-a-Decade Chance to Impose Its Radical Worldview on America By CJ Werleman, AlterNet,November 26, 2013 

How Christian Delusions Are Driving the GOP Insane By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet, October 9, 2013

Chris Hedges on Christian Heretics, interview with Robert Scheer, Truthdig.com, Nov 2, 2013Chris Hedges: what I’m willing to do, which the mainstream church is not, is to denounce the Christian right as Christian heretics…what they have done is acculturate the worst aspects of American imperialism, capitalism, chauvinism, and violence and bigotry into the Christian religion… I think the great failure of the liberal tradition that I come out of is they were too frightened and too timid to stand up. I don’t know why they spent all the years in seminary if they didn’t realize that when they walked out the door they were going to have to fight for it. And they didn’t fight for it.

‘Republicanity’—The GOP Transformation is Nearly Complete By Gary Laderman, ReligionDispatches.com, July 17, 2011   …The Republican Party is no longer a political party—it’s a full-fledged religious movement. The political ideology fueling this movement is religious to the core… it offers an unequivocal command: followers are children who must be obedient in the face of authority.…It is like the most narrow and conservative religious cultures in its absolutist ethical positions and refusal to tolerate any difference of opinion….

The Reli­gious Right and The Repub­li­can Plat­form, by Lau­ren Feeney, BillMoyers.com, August 31, 2012 — The forty-year time­line below traces the increased inclu­sion in the plat­form of the lan­guage and ideals of the Reli­gious Right…1976: first men­tion of abortion1976 Fol­low­ing the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade deci­sion, the Repub­li­can plat­form calls for “a posi­tion on abor­tion that val­ues human life.” It also asserts that “Our great Amer­i­can Repub­lic was founded on the prin­ci­ple: One nation under God, with lib­erty and jus­tice for all.”…2012: first men­tion of the “war on reli­gion” 2012 This year, there’s a resur­gence of reli­gious rhetoric and ide­ol­ogy. The party’s plat­form con­tains 10 ref­er­ences to God, 19 ref­er­ences to faith and the first ref­er­ence to a “war on reli­gion.” Cit­ing what it calls the Obama administration’s “attempt to com­pel faith-related insti­tu­tions, as well as believ­ing indi­vid­u­als, to con­tra­vene their deeply held reli­gious, moral, or eth­i­cal beliefs regard­ing health ser­vices, tra­di­tional mar­riage, or abor­tion,” the plat­form accuses “lib­eral elites” of try­ing to “drive reli­gious beliefs — and reli­gious believ­ers — out of the pub­lic square.”

How Weird Christian Right Beliefs Impact America By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet, September 11, 2013 

Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party, Democracy Now! interview by Juan Gonzalez, September 4, 2009 Max Blumenthal joins us for the first extended interview about his debut book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party. The book traces the rise of the radical right in the US and how it used the concept of personal crisis to grow as a movement and eventually capture control of the GOP to transform it from the party of Dwight Eisenhower to the party of Sarah Palin.

The Pundits and the Dominionists by Julie Ingersoll, ReligionDispatches.com, August 26, 2011 …The increase in coverage of the religious right’s longterm strategy to transform American culture has led to a number of responses charging “leftists” with fearmongering… Reconstructionists themselves  hold a view of knowledge that says that there are really only two possible worldviews (a biblical one and a humanist one that comes in several varieties) and that both worldview are in a conflict for dominion (so in their view “we” are fighting for it too)…These broad cultural changes have developed, in part, from a longterm strategy…the most important component of which is the education of children (theirs and insofar as is practical other peoples’ as well). It is not fearmongering, paranoia, or religious bigotry to try to understand their goals and strategies. In fact, it’s irresponsible not to.

The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government  by Chris Hedges, TruthDig.com, posted on CommonDreams.org, October 7, 2013

How Pro­pa­gan­dists for the 1% Are Manip­u­lat­ing Chris­t­ian Teach­ings to Rob the Middle Class By Michael Meurer, Truthout October 17, 2012 

With Millions in Assets And Hundreds of Attorneys, Christian Right Is Waging War on the Church-State Wall, By Rob Boston, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, posted on Alternet.org, March 5, 2013 

The Tragic Story of Christianity: How a Pacifist Religion Was Hijacked by Rabid Warmongering Elites By Gary G. Kohls, Consortium News, January 30, 2012

The Wild Hypocrisy of America’s Conservative Christians By David Sirota, AlterNet.org, April 20, 2012

Conservative Christianity’s Marketing Gimmick to Keep Its Old-Time, Heaven-and-Hell Religion Afloat By Valerie Tarico, AlterNet, July 10, 2012  Think of it as a two-part strategy. First, obstruct any and all efforts to strengthen the economy, then exploit the economy’s weakness for political gain. If this strategy sounds cynical, that’s because it is…  this obstructionism is real, and arguably is the biggest single reason for our ongo­ing economic weakness. And what happens if the strategy of obstruct-and-exploit succeeds? Is this the shape of politics to come? If so, America will have gone a long way toward becoming an ungovernable banana republic.

Watch Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem… and Missouri AlterNetNovember 2, 2012 

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