Republicans are “not fit to govern”

The Mother of All No-Brainers by David Brooks, New York Times, July 4, 2011  -      The Repub­li­cans have changed Amer­i­can pol­i­tics…the Repub­li­can Party may no longer be a nor­mal party. Over the past few years, it has been infected by a fac­tion that is more of a psy­cho­log­i­cal protest than a prac­ti­cal, gov­ern­ing alter­na­tive…
The mem­bers of this move­ment do not accept the logic of com­pro­mise, no mat­ter how sweet the terms. The mem­bers of this move­ment do not accept the legit­i­macy of schol­ars and intel­lec­tual author­i­ties…
The mem­bers of this move­ment have no sense of moral decencyif respon­si­ble Repub­li­cans don’t take con­trol, inde­pen­dents will con­clude that Repub­li­can fanati­cism caused this default. They will con­clude that Repub­li­cans are not fit to gov­ern. And they will be right.

GOP’s Louie Gohmert, wannabe speaker, headlines the House’s latest freak show By Dana Milbank Opinion writer, Washington Post, January 5, 2015

Democrats Duped by the Caucus Room Conspiracy By The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program November 6, 2014  … on the night of January 20, 2009…a group of powerful Republicans …drew up a plan to sabotage President Obama at every point possible and deny him any sort of legacy…The Caucus Room conspiracy had three major objectives. The first was to use obstruction — knowing the corporate media would call it “gridlock” as if the Democrats were responsible, too — to prevent President Obama from having any legislative success. The second was to sabotage any legislative victories that the president did manage to win — like Obamacare — and convince US citizens that they were actually failures. And the third was to blame all the economic damage caused by Republicans on BOTH parties and then come out in a critical election like 2014 and say that Republicans are the party that will make things right in Washington as if the state of the economy was the Democrats’ fault. Based on Tuesday night’s shellacking, it looks like the Caucus Room conspiracy was a success…Democrats played right into Republicans’ hands, so the Caucus Room conspiracy was wildly successful. Democrats didn’t point out the Republican obstruction. Democrats didn’t point out the real cause of all the so-called “gridlock.” And Democrats didn’t point out what Republican voter suppression and obstruction efforts were really all about. Republicans near universally ran on the President Obama’s inability to overcome the Caucus Room conspiracy, and it worked like a charm. Meanwhile, Democrats failed to show Us citizens how they were different from Republicans…there’s still time for the party to turn things around, and to learn some valuable lessons from 2014. The Caucus Room conspiracy may have worked this time, but let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Their movement has been overtaken by a quite literally mindless opposition to government…This is a long way from the conservatism I used to respect….where’s the outrage about a conservatism that is losing both its intellectual moorings and its moral compass?  The real conservative scandal By E.J.

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party By Jason Easley, PoliticusUSA, August, 27, 2014

“Let’s be blunt and acknowl­edge the biggest threat to the world’s biggest econ­omy are the cranks and cra­zies that have taken over a part of the Repub­li­can Party.” Wayne Swan, Aus­tralian Trea­surer, Syd­ney,, Sep­tem­ber 21, 2012

Let’s just say it: The Repub­li­cans are the prob­lem By Thomas E. Mann and Nor­man J. Orn­stein, Wash­ing­ton Post, April 27, 2012
….We have been study­ing Wash­ing­ton pol­i­tics and Con­gress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dys­func­tional. In our past writ­ings, we have crit­i­cized both par­ties when we believed it was war­ranted. Today, how­ever, we have no choice but to acknowl­edge that the core of the prob­lem lies with the Repub­li­can Party….The GOP has become an insur­gent out­lier in Amer­i­can pol­i­tics. It is ide­o­log­i­cally extreme; scorn­ful of com­pro­mise; unmoved by con­ven­tional under­stand­ing of facts, evi­dence and sci­ence; and dis­mis­sive of the legit­i­macy of its polit­i­cal oppo­si­tion.
When one party moves this far from the main­stream, it makes it nearly impos­si­ble for the polit­i­cal sys­tem to deal con­struc­tively with the country’s challenges.

Conservatives’ Reality Problem by Timothy B. Lee, Contributor, Forbes, November 9, 2012two decades ago, conservatives liked to argue that the ivory tower had put academics out of touch with reality, and that conservatism had reason and science on its side. The recent collapse of communism seemed to confirm this view. Today the tables have turned. While academia certainly still has pockets of out-of-touch leftists, there has been a much more dramatic decline in intellectual standards on the political right…years of conservatives demonizing pointy-headed academics, including scientists. On subjects like evolution, global warming, the biology of human conception, and even macroeconomics, conservatives have been increasingly bold about rejecting the consensus of scientific experts in favor of ideologically self-serving pronouncements….George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a good example of the kind of damage that can be done when elected officials choose ideology over expertise. Bush didn’t just ignore the many experts who warned that invading Iraq was a bad idea. The ideologues were so convinced the war would go well that they massively underestimated the amount of preparation that would be required for the occupation to go reasonably smoothly. As a result, the aftermath of the war was much more chaotic than it would have been if experienced experts had been more involved in the planning process. Many more people died and much more property was destroyed than would have occurred with proper planning. I think global warming is a more complex issue than some people on the left acknowledge. But rather than accepting the basic scientific reality of climate change and making the case that the costs of action outweigh the benefits, many conservatives have taken the cruder tack of simply attacking the entire enterprise of mainstream climate science as a hoax…..Economists across the political spectrum agree that the government ought to take action counteract major aggregate demand shortfalls…But rather than engaging this debate, a growing number of conservatives have rejected the mainstream economic framework altogether…The world is messy and complicated, and understanding it often requires years of study and a willingness to consider evidence objectively regardless of where it comes from. Yet the conservative movement has increasingly become a hostile place for people who think for themselves, no matter how deeply they understand their subjects. While many aspects of public policy are the subject of genuine ideological disagreements, there are also many issues where experts really do know things the rest of the public does not. A party that systematically favors ideologically convenient arguments and marginalizes dissenting voices will inevitably make costly mistakes…We should all hope the conservative movement develops a greater respect for expertise in the meantime.

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