The Neocon Revival By DAVID BROOKS, New York Times, August 1, 2013

Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence by Dana Milbank, Washington Post, February 20, 2009

The Attack-Syria Coalition: Brought to You By the Same People Who Gave Us the Iraq Debacle

Mitt Romney Blurts Out the Truth About Neo-Conservatism by Linda McQuaig,Toronto Star, September 28, 2012 – Excerpt – …the Republican presidential candidate [Romney] told the $50,000-a-platers what they wanted to hear: that he hasn’t any intention of helping the 47 per cent of Americans too poor to pay income tax. “My job is not to worry about those people.” With this truthfulness caught on tape, Romney has probably done more than incinerate his own presidential bid. He has so vividly exposed the cynicism and greed that lies at the heart of what is now called “conservatism” that he may have inadvertently begun its undoing. Once upon a time, “conservative” could be used to describe people — Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark — who had a vision of society in which a privileged elite dominated but also had a responsibility to less fortunate citizens and to the broader “public good.” But about 30 years ago, a new breed of “conservative” slithered onto the political scene. Stealing the moniker of conservatism, this new breed embraced the inequality of traditional conservatism (driving it skyward) while unburdening itself of the responsibility for others and the public good. This new breed has proved itself to be self-centered, greedy and indifferent to the public good.John Kenne th Galbraith cut to the essence when he described this “modern” conservative as engaged in “the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”…There never was intellectual honesty or coherence to modern conservatism….It’s time we stopped treating modern conservatives as proponents of a legitimate political philosophy and started treating them as greedy profiteers who — at least until now — have pulled off the biggest heist in modern times.

Romney’s Neocon Foreign Policy Written by Those Who Ignored al Qaeda Threat

What do neocons have to do with Obama? by Jacob Bronsther

Neoconservatism’s Godfather by Michael Schaffer,, September 21, 2009

The Neocon Revolution and American Militarism by Andrew J. Bacevich,, April 22, 2005

Introducing PNAC 2.0 Progress Report, March 31, 2009 



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