The New Education – Norman Cousins

“The new edu­ca­tion must be less con­cerned with sophis­ti­ca­tion than com­pas­sion. It must rec­og­nize the haz­ards of trib­al­ism. It must teach peo­ple the most dif­fi­cult les­son of all—to look at some­one any­where in the world and be able to see the image of him­self, or her­self. The old empha­sis upon super­fi­cial dif­fer­ences that sep­a­rate peo­ples must give way to edu­ca­tion for cit­i­zen­ship in the human com­mu­nity. With such an edu­ca­tion and with such self-understanding, it is pos­si­ble that some nation or peo­ple may come for­ward with the vital inspi­ra­tion that men need no less than food. Lead­er­ship on this higher level does not require moun­tains of gold or thun­der­ing pro­pa­ganda. It is con­cerned with human des­tiny. Human des­tiny is the issue. Peo­ple will respond.”  Nor­man Cousins



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