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This Matters Much More Than Sophomoric Stories About Trump: The Earth is Baking By Sydney Robinson is a contributor at Ring of Fire August 31, 2016 – Excerpt - -Though many feel as if Donald Trump’s success signals the end of the world as we know it, Trump and all other human threats will be nothing compared to the devastating effects we face from uninterrupted climate change. NASA scientists have discovered that the rate in which the globe is now warming thanks to human activity is at a 1,000 year high, a new revelation which was discovered by the close examination of ice cores and sediment. So what can be done? Honestly, not much, especially when a significant portion of humanity continues to ignore the hard, scientific facts of climate change. All we can do is hope that our governments do truly take extreme action in order to save humanity. Otherwise, we are bringing children and grandchildren into a world which has become increasingly hostile to them, until finally, the world will tolerate us no more. Full text

“There’s no limit to the human imagination and capacity to solve big problems,” said Robert Redford addressing the United Nations n June 29, 2015 with one mission: “To save the world before it’s too late….Nothing less than the fate of our planet is hanging in the balance…Today we can no longer claim ignorance as an excuse for inactionBecause it’s the overwhelming judgment of science that climate change is real and the result of human activity….They [the public] should be hopeful because we can do this. The solutions are there. And without hope, what is there?

Legendary actor Robert Redford came to United Nations on June 29, 2015, with one mission: “To save the world before it’s too late.”"Nothing less than the fate of our planet is hanging in the balance.” “Today we can no longer claim ignorance as an excuse for inaction,” he said in his address. “Because it’s the overwhelming judgment of science that climate change is real and the result of human activity.” And most importantly, he was clear about the greatest weapon humanity has on its side in a fight that can sometimes seem so daunting. They [the public] should be hopeful because we can do this. The solutions are there. And without hope, what is there? ^RR Upworthy

Pope Francis Gets the Moral Framing Right: Global Warming Is Where the Practical and the Moral Meet By George Lakoff, Huffington Post, 06/25/2015  environmental issues are moral issues.

On Climate, Humanity Must Rise Up Against ‘Collective Shrug of Fatalism’ By Jon Queally, staff writer, Common Dreams, March 06, 2015… the movement we need is already in the streets; in the courts; in the classrooms; even in the halls of power – we just need to find each other. One way or another, everything is going to change. And for a brief time, the nature of that change, is still up to us.”

Climate Change Is Violence By Rebecca Solnit, Trinity University, February 5, 2015  Book Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness - essay, “Climate Change Is Violence” — Climate change is global-scale violence against places and species, as well as against human beings. Once we call it by name, we can start having a real conversation about our priorities and values….People revolt when their lives are unbearable. Sometimes material reality creates that unbearableness: droughts, plagues, storms, floods. But food and medical care, health and well-being, access to housing and education— these things are also governed by economic means and government policy. That’s what the revolt called Occupy Wall Street was against….In every arena, we need to look at industrial-scale and systemic violence, not just the hands-on violence of the less powerful. When it comes to climate change, this is particularly true. Exxon has decided to bet that we can’t make the corporation keep its reserves in the ground, and the company is reassuring its investors that it will continue to profit off the rapid, violent, and intentional destruction of the Earth. That’s a tired phrase, the destruction of the Earth, but translate it into the face of a starving child and a barren field— and then multiply that a few million times….Climate change is global-scale violence against places and species, as well as against human beings. Once we call it by name, we can start having a real conversation about our priorities and values. Because the revolt against brutality begins with a revolt against the language that hides that brutality.

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Lawmakers to Take Action on Climate by Sarah Lazare, January 30, 2015 ‘The American people seem far more unified than our political leadership on the need to address climate change

Doomsday Clock’ Ticks Forward: Climate Change, Nuclear Weapons Push Humanity Closer Towards Global Catastrophe

Mourning Our Planet: Climate Scientists Share Their Grieving Process By Dahr Jamail, Truthout, January 20, 2015

Climate Change Is Violence

Climate change top issue that separates Dems, Republicans, expert says By MATT McDONALD, by FOX 13 News, March 23, 2015

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Lawmakers to Take Action on Climate

A Threat to Us All: Millions Buying into Apocalyptic Religion Pose a Direct Threat to Modern Society By Jeffrey Tayler,  Salon, January 4, 2015  Rationalistsare assertively making their case because religion, since the Reagan years, has been abandoning the realm of private conscience (where it has every right to be) and intruding itself into national life, with politicians and public figures flaunting their belief, advocating and (passing) legislation that restricts women’s reproductive rights, attempting to impose preposterous fairy tales (think intelligent design) on defenseless children in science classes, and even, in the case of Texas, recasting the Constitution in school textbooks as a document inspired by the Bible.  Abroad, militants pursuing Islamist agendas have been raining death and destruction on entire populations, with religious extremism the main cause of terrorism the world over.  Given the possibility that terrorists may acquire weapons of mass destruction and nuclear states with faith-based conflicts may let fly their missiles, religion may be said to endanger humanity as a wholeNo one who cares about our future can quietly abide the continuing propagation and influence of apocalyptic fables that large numbers of people take seriously and not raise a loud, persistent, even strident cry of alarm… three-fourths of Americans believe the Bible to be the word of God – numbers that, to the shame of the Republic, find reflection in our resolutely anti-science Congress…

Do End-Time Believers Care About Climate Change? By Robin Globus Veldman, Religion Dispatches , posted on, July 12, 2013 – Research suggests a belief in the apocalypse, common in the GOP, reduces interest in the government taking action.

A big reason climate change isn’t a priority: The apocalypse By Aaron Blake November 21

How the Religious Right Is Fueling Climate Change Denial, The Guardian By Katherine Stewart posted on Alternet, November 5, 2012

How Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories May Pose a Genuine Threat to Humanity By Joshua Holland, AlterNet

Only 28 percent of Fox News climate segments are accurate By Chris Mooney, Grist, April 7, 2014 – excerpt — According to a Pew study released last year, 38 percent of U.S. adults watch cable news. So if you want to know why so many Americans deny or doubt the established science of climate change, the content they’re receiving on cable news may well point the way. According to a new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, misinformation about climate science on cable news channels is pretty common. The study found that last year, 30 percent of CNN’s climate-related segments were misleading, compared with 72 percent for Fox News and just 8 percent for MSNBC

A Call to Arms: An Invitation to Demand Action on Climate Change by Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone, published by Common Dreams, May 21, 2014   When world leaders gather in New York [September 20 and 21] to confront climate change, tens of thousands of people (and maybe you) will be there to demand they take action before it’s too late…it will be the largest demonstration yet of human resolve in the face of climate change…this is dead-serious business, a signal moment in the gathering fight of human beings to do something about global warming before it’s too late to do anything but watch the “world’s leaders” haven’t been leaders on climate change – at least not leaders enough…The world’s scientists earlier this spring issued a 32-volume report explaining exactly how much worse it’s going to get, which is, to summarize, a lot worse even than they’d thought before. It’s not that the scientists are alarmists – it’s that the science is alarming. Here’s how one Princeton scientist summarized the situation for reporters: “We’re all sitting ducks.”…

Global Citizens to Elites: Join Climate Fight ‘Or Step Aside’ by Jon Queally, staff writer, Common Dreams, June 6, 2014

House Directs Pentagon To Ignore Climate Change, HuffingtonPost, 5/23/2014

The Chairman of the Largest Private Company in America Just Told the 1 Percent to Worry About Climate Change by  Robert S. Eshelman, The Nation, June 2014

Wide Impact of Climate Change Already Seen in U.S., Study Says, New York Times, May 6, 2014

Most Extreme Weather ‘Virtually Impossible’ Without Man-Made Warming by Jacob Chamberlain, Common DreamsMarch 24, 2014

When Skepticism Becomes Denial: The Unholy Alliance Between Science Denial Movements By David H. Bailey and Jonathan M. Borwein,, 11/05/2013

We Cannot Afford to Lose Another Decade, or Even Another Minute By ROBERT C. KOEHLER FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT, April 24, 2014

The Only Way To Fight Accelerating Climate Change Is Resistance Against Those Destroying Earth by MARK KARLIN, EDITOR OF BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT, April 7, 2014 — Excerpt — Enviornmental journalist Mark Hertsgaard recently wrote [in the] The Daily Beast a lamentation to future generations about the legacy of a lethal planet that we are leaving them...Hartsgaard’s gloomy recognition of the reality that runaway industrial civilization has sown is only moderately tempered by the hope of an uprising resulting in immediate action to mitigate the ever-brewing perfect storm of desolation…There is little to be said about that in the media, particularly on television news…It is a political cliche of politicians to run for office and declare that they are doing so for the future of their children and grandchildren — and for the well-being of ours.  However, the reality is that these same politicians in the US and around the world are leaving a toxic legacy for their descendants — and ours…It is a forlorn picture unfolding as our Earth devolves from a nurturer of life to a noxious force of destruction…The fact that so much time has been wasted standing around means that the problem of climate change is now much more difficult to deal with than it was when it was first identified. But this only makes the imperative to act that much greater, because, as one set of grim predictions is being borne out, another, even worse set remains to be written…Against those who would leave our children and grandchildren a world of death, hardship and unfathomable disaster, there is only one course of action: resistance. Otherwise the gluttonous carpe-diem-minded oligarchy will delude the world — and human life — into oblivion.

Humanity Wholly Unprepared for Abrupt Climate Impacts, Warns Report by Jon Queally, staff writer, Common Dreams, December 4, 2013  The pace of change is orders of magnitude higher than what species have experienced in the last tens of millions of years.

Earth Facing Imminent Environmental ‘Tipping Point’ by Common Dreams staff, Common Dreams, June 7, 2012

97% Global Warming Consensus Meets Resistance from Scientific Denialism by Dana Nuccitelli, The Guardian, May 28, 2013

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