The New History Wars By JAMES R. GROSSMAN, The Opinion Pages, New York Times, SEPT. 1, 2014

Who’s Afraid of Zinn’s Radical History? by Sonia Murrow and Robert Cohen, The Nation, August 7, 2013, posted on

Lost in the Past by Timothy Egan, New York Times, May 22, 2014  … a 2010 report that only 12 percent of students in their last year of high school had a firm grasp of our nation’s history…. Civics, said [filmmaker Ken] Burns, is “the operating system” for citizenry; if you know how government is constructed, it’s no longer a complicated muddle, but a beautiful design.

The ‘00s: Goodbye (at Last) to the Decade from Hell by by Andy Serwer Time Magazine, Nov. 24, 2009

The Long, Sordid History of the American Right and RacismBy Robert Parry, Consortium News May 20, 2013

The Uh-Ohs: A Decade of Conservative Failure by Terrance Heath by Campaign For America’s Future, January 8, 2010  …the debacle of the last ten years didn’t just happen. And, yes, plenty of people did see it coming. Their warnings were ignored. What followed, then, didn’t “just happen,” but was the consequence of conscious choice…it is important to discuss and determine the causes of the various messes we find ourselves in…

How American Society Unravelled After Greedy Elites Robbed the Country Blind By George Packer, The Guardian, June 20, 2013    in or around 1978, America’s character changed…the institutions of American democracy, stronger than the excesses of individuals, were usually able to contain and channel them to more useful ends … In Washington, corporations organized themselves into a powerful lobby that spent millions of dollars to defeat the kind of labor and consumer bills they had once accepted as part of the social contract… what destroys morale below is the systematic corner-cutting, the rule-bending, the self-dealing…Once the social contract is shredded, once the deal is off, only suckers still play by the rules.   

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