Articles, excerpts Jan 7 to 10, 2015

Worldview – contrast

The Brainwashing Of My Dad’ Exposes Fox, Hate Media & Rush Limbaugh (VIDEO)

Paul Krugman ridicules GOP for believing “facts have a liberal bias” by Elias Isquith,, Jan 9, 2015

Moral Politics

The Inner Life of Rebellion, On Being with Krista Tippett, 1/10/15  podcast – excerpt The history of rebellion is rife with excess and burnout. But new generations have a distinctive commitment to be reflective and activist at once, to be in service as much as in charge, and to learn from history while bringing very new realities into being. It’s a cross-generational conversation about the inner work of sustainable, resilient social change.

War and/or peace?

What Would Today’s American Insecurity Look Like to Someone From 1963? by Tom Engelhardt, Bill, January 9, 2015 (overview of militarism in US)

“A Clash of Barbarisms”: After Paris Attack, How US Policy in Middle East Helps Fuel Extremism By Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!, January 9, 2015


Robert Reich 1/10/15 Facebook – Look at the priorities of the new Republican congressional – the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement, tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy, rollbacks of Dodd-Frank regulations on Wall Street, cutbacks on Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, and decimating the Affordable Care Act – and connect the dots. Republicans want the public to think the central issue of our time is the size of government. Wrong. The central issue of our time is who government is for. Every one of their initiatives advances big corporations and Wall Street, and worsens or weakens everyone else. Elizabeth Warren is correct: The game is rigged. And the only way to unrig it is through a new progressive movement that includes not only the Democratic base but also any and all Independents and Republicans equally determined to take the economy and democracy back from the axis of Wall Street, K Street, and big corporations. Can we rely on the Democratic Party to lead the way, or will a new third party be necessary?

Science-Denying Troglodyte Ted Cruz to Chair Senate Science Subcommittee Posted by: Bob Cull in Election 2014, Environment, Science November 7, 2014

The right’s wrong idea of governance By E.J. Dionne Jr. Opinion writer, Washington Post, January 7, 2015 …the Republicans’ own measure of success will be out of line not only with President Obama’s priorities but also with what most middle-of-the-road Americans would take as a reasonable test of what it means for government to work…new House rules he [Boehner] and the Republican leadership have concocted. They’re designed to rig the legislative playing field in favor of right-leaning policy…

‘Hostage-Takers’: Republicans Go After Social Security on Very First Day By Jon Queally, staff writer, Common Dreams, January 07, 2015

For the Planet and Future Generations, New Congress May Be Most Dangerous Yet By Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch Blog posted on Common Dreams, January 06, 2015

GOP Rule Change in Congress Signals New Dawn for ‘Voodoo Economics’ by Jon Queally, staff writer, Common Dreams, January 07, 2015


How Can Democrats Take Back the States? By JOHN GUIDA, NYT, 1-8-15- Not since the Jazz Age have Democrats been in such a poor position in the states. Some worry that it might hurt the party nationally as well.

Progressives Seek Control Of The Democratic Party By Sahil Kapur, Talking Points memo, January 9, 2015


Robert Reich Facebook 1-8-15 Despite Republican’s predominance in Congress and state legislatures, a dwindling minority of Americans consider themselves Republican. According a new Gallup’s poll released today, 30% say they’re Democrats, 26% Republican, and 43% independent. As a practical matter, though, regardless of official party affiliation, the largest party in America is the party of non-voters. And, increasingly, elections depend on how many of its members temporarily desert this non-voting party and turn out to vote. Suppose, in considering their presidential candidates for 2016, the two official parties asked themselves what candidate would have most appeal to the party of non-voters. Would they choose Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush? If not, who?

Threats to democracy

How Soaring Inequality May Lead the World Down the Path of Fascism By Janet AllonAlterNet , January 2, 2015


Growing Up on Easy Street Has Its Own Dangers By RON LIEBER, New York Times, JAN. 9, 2015

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