Dark Ages Redux: American Politics and the End of the Enlightenment  by John Atcheson. Com­mon Dreams, June 18, 2012

The Right’s Stupidity Spreads, Enabled by a Too-Polite Left by George Monbiot, The Guardian/UK, February 7, 2012 — …There are some very clever people in government, advising politicians, running think tanks and writing for newspapers, who have acquired power and influence by promoting rightwing ideologies…they now appeal to the basest, stupidest impulses…former Republican ideologues, David Frum warns that “conservatives have built a whole alternative knowledge system, with its own facts, its own history, its own laws of economics”. The result is a “shift to ever more extreme, ever more fantasy-based ideology” which has “ominous real-world consequences for American society”… Confronted with mass discontent, the once-progressive major parties… triangulate and accommodate, hesitate and prevaricate… They fail to produce a coherent analysis of what has gone wrong and why, or to make an uncluttered case for social justice, redistribution and regulation. The conceptual stupidities of conservatism are matched by the strategic stupidities of liberalism. Yes, conservatism thrives on low intelligence and poor information. But the liberals in politics on both sides of the Atlantic continue to back off, yielding to the supremacy of the stupid…

The Will­ful Igno­rance That Has Dragged the US to the Brink by Sarah Church­well, The Independent/UK, August 2, 2011  - The Tea Party version of the American Revolution is not just fundamentalist. It is also Disneyfied, sentimentalized, and whitewashed..
In one sense, it is difficult to know what to say in response to the utter irrationality of the Tea Party’s self-destructive decision to sabotage the American political process – and thus its own country’s economy, and the global economy…
the Tea Party has never let facts get in the way of its belief system, and now that belief system is genuinely threatening the well-being of the nation they claim to love

In Ignorance We Trust


Why Our Elites Stink By David Brooks, New York Times, July 12, 2012

The Right’s Stu­pid­ity Spreads, Enabled by a Too-Polite Left by George Mon­biot, The Guardian/UK, Feb­ru­ary 7, 2012 Feb­ru­ary 7, 2012

Igno­rant Cer­tainty: On Apoc­a­lypse and Empire by Robert C. Koehler, May 26, 2011 by May 26, 2011

Why ‘Sci­en­tific Con­sen­sus’ Fails to Per­suade, The Jour­nal of Risk ResearchUS, Sep­tem­ber 15, 2010

How Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroy­ing Amer­ica by Ter­rence McNally, Alter­Net,  August 15, 2008 August 15, 2008

Why do smart peo­ple do stu­pid things? Bran­don Keim,, Sep­tem­ber 14, 2007

Cog­ni­tive illu­sions: Why smart peo­ple believe stu­pid things by Susan Perry,, Decem­ber 7, 2010

When Facts Are Not Enough: Treat­ing Mass Psy­chosis by Ian I. Mitroff, Tikkun, March 2011  Tikkun


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