Organized labor = Economic justice

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Progressive Values e-letter - Labor Day  - September 7, 2015
Organized Labor = Economic Justice
including the weekend, overtime pay, 8-hour workday, minimum wage,
paid vacation, sick days, safety standards, child labor laws, health
benefits, retirement security, unemployment insurance...

America's Immoral Economy
The social contract has become entirely one-sided.  by Robert Reich - ,, - - , September 6, 2015  An economy depends fundamentally on public
morality; some shared standards about what sorts of activities are
impermissible because they so fundamentally violate trust that they
threaten to undermine the social fabric.

It is ironic that at a time the Republican presidential candidates
and state legislators are furiously focusing on private morality -
what people do in their bedrooms, contraception, abortion, gay
marriage - we are experiencing a far more significant crisis in
public morality.

We've witnessed over the last two decades in the United States a
steady decline in the willingness of people in leading positions in
the private sector - on Wall Street and in large corporations
especially - to maintain minimum standards of public morality. They
seek the highest profits and highest compensation for themselves
regardless of social more -

The Work We Value, The Intelligence We Ignore: Is the Work that Made
America Great Valued Any Longer?  - By Trent Gilliss, executive editor, On Being

- How Unions Improve the Lives of Every Worker by Laura Reyes - ,
Secretary-Treasurer, AFSCME, Labor Day's Violent
Roots: The Hard-Won Fight for Your 3-Day Weekend -  By Matthew Green -
, - , September 4, 2015

The Rebellious Spirit of the First Labor Day Is Spreading Anew -  Jim Hightower, -  America's grassroots have come alive with organizing campaigns to
reverse the inequities and abuses being perpetuated by the
plutocratic powers. This Labor Day, let's take heart in this rising
rebelliousness, says Jim Hightower.

- Stanley Aronowitz, an expert on organized labor, talks about the
problems facing many unions and how they might become a powerful
force once again., Sept 5, 2015 "Occupy refused to be
programmatic, and it has virtually disappeared. But Occupy revived
the old tactics of civil disobedience and direct action. And by still
relying on elections and on contracts and grievance procedures rather
than engaging in direct action, unions are on the road to doom," he
"I think the things that unions, and it's not just unions, but
progressives need to think about, is who really has the country in a
mess? And I think we've been very nervous about really, with red-hot
anger, naming who the bad guys are and then talking about it in terms
that resonate with people. Not abstractions about trillions of
dollars. But talking about this teeny group of people at the top that
are pillaging the country. And I think when we start to focus that
and then have ways that people can act that's not just about
rhetoric."  Stephen Lerner - , Labor and Community Organizer, Is Labor A Lost Cause? Moyers &
Company - ,  For more information about Economic Justice and
labor click here  - .

Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth and human
labor is not mere philanthropy. It is a moral obligation. For
Christians, the responsibility is even greater: It is a commandment.
Pope Francis
- In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism

There are folks out there who say, 'it doesn't impact me, I'm not a
Union guy, I'm not a teacher, I'm not a civil servant.' Let me tell
you how it does matter to you. Wages are going down in this country
for everybody. When you destroy unions there will be no standard at
all, nobody left to negotiate decent jobs for the middle class.
Senator Bernie Sanders

- Top Ten Labor Day Songs
By  -
Peter Rothberg - Twitter,  - The Nation, September 3, 2015   In honor of Labor Day, here's a stab
at the impossible task of naming the best songs ever written about
working people.

- The story of how Labor Day began (in cartoons and pictures)
By  - Brandon
Weber,, August 18, 2015

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